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The Dangers Of Lithium Battery Powered Devices

Lithium batteries are used in products, including handheld devices and children’s toys, all over the United States. These batteries are used in

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Adopting a Child in South Carolina

Whether you want to start your family, you're a grandmother from Greenville, South Carolina, trying to keep her grandbabies out of foster care, or

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Product Liability in South Carolina

Products are responsible for many injuries and even deaths day-to-day. It has been said that “product liability cases have second-highest median

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Rockstar Cheer Lawsuits

The children who claim to have suffered abuse at Rockstar Cheer are beginning to come forward about the horrific abuse they allegedly encountered

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Things to Know About the Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Case

If you worked in or were stationed at Camp Lejeune or Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River in North Carolina during this time, you and your

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I’ve Been Sued, Now What? Insured’s Rights Under South Carolina Law

You may be reading this because you have been sued, perhaps in a lawsuit filed by one of our attorneys, and you are wondering what to do next.  The

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