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Rockstar Cheer Lawsuits

The children who claim to have suffered abuse at Rockstar Cheer are beginning to come forward about the horrific abuse they allegedly encountered during their time at the gym. Coaches have been accused of allowing the mental, physical, and sexual abuse of children to take place for financial gain. Lawsuits have been filed to seek justice for the misconduct and abuse they allegedly suffered at the hands of Rockstar Cheer and several other associated entities.

Rockstar Cheer is a cheerleading and tumbling gym located in Greenville, South Carolina. At the gym, they teach the children who attend how to cheer, tumble, and compete.

The owner of Rockstar Cheer had been allegedly assaulting and abusing the children and teens he was training for years, and threatening violence against them if they spoke up about what was happening. After these allegations recently came out and an investigation began against him, Foster allegedly took his own life in late August. Civil and criminal investigations are apparently still underway against Foster and several others who allegedly participated or allowed the actions to continue.

Although an ongoing criminal investigation is apparently open against Rockstar Cheer and associates, the victims may also be entitled to pursue justice civilly. Childhood abuse and assault have lasting effects on not only our most innocent but their families as well, and there may be civil remedies available to compensate victims.

White, Davis and White Law Firm is investigating cases in which families were impacted by the abuse at Rockstar Cheer. Our firm was founded by a former child abuse prosecutor, and our firm frequently prosecutes civil child abuse cases and would be honored to try to help you and your family if you are one of the survivors of the alleged abuse.

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