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Attorneys often are contacted by clients, former clients, or members of the community who need representation in a case outside of that attorney’s practice area.  At White Davis and White, the vast majority of our cases are referrals from other attorneys, and many of those cases are from attorneys who need someone to assist with trying their case, or to take over the case for trial.  Whether the case is too complex, or requires too much work or financial investment for the attorney to handle, or whether the attorney is not comfortable trying the case, we have the manpower and resources to take on large cases and to handle them competently.  We are happy to discuss a referral and fee split arrangement that is ethical and fair to all involved, and our goal is for the referring attorney and the client to walk away feeling that they were treated fairly and that we worked as hard as possible to obtain the best outcome possible. 

Our Promise to Referring Attorneys

Whether it’s one of our clients or a client you refer to us – we make a commitment to every person that walks through our doors that we will always put our best foot forward. This means we will:

  • Treat the referring attorney and the client fairly and ethically.  Our mantra is that we err on the side of making sure the referring attorney is treated fairly. 

  • Always be available to answer any and all questions.

  • Be transparent when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of the case. We always want to be transparent so there aren’t any unexpected complications.

  • Work diligently in all aspects of the case; we’re determined to receive the best outcome for our clients!

  • Give all client’s a welcoming, kind, and respectful experience. We understand a case can be one of the toughest experiences for clients. 

  • Give our full attention to the referring attorney as well as the client.

  • Pull together our 80 years of combined personal knowledge and experience to handle the case. We want to be successful not just for the client, but also for the referring attorney who trusted us with the case. We are determined to work together for all parties’ betterment. 

Why Refer a Case to WHITE DAVIS & WHITE

As an attorney, we all specialize in our own practice area niches. For example, if you do not handle personal injury clients, a referral to our firm may be the best case scenario for you and your client. Here are some other common reasons our firm receives referrals:

  • You may be an attorney who does not specialize in personal injury cases – that’s where we come in. We have all of the resources and experience to take on cases such as wrongful death claims, jail and prison injury cases, and other areas of complicated personal injury cases. 

  • Having a full caseload is not a bad thing! It means you’re doing your job correctly, and people trust their case in your hands. Referring a case to our firm due to a full caseload is sometimes the most productive move you can make as an attorney. 

  • If an issue arises where an out-of-state attorney needs a local consult, White Davis & White would be happy to either completely take over the case, or partner with you to be your local contact attorney. 

Attorneys Who Partner With White Davis & White will find:

Our goal is to add value to the case such that the referring attorney and the client net more money having us on board than they would net otherwise, and while we can’t guarantee any outcomes, we will make a commitment to perform that analysis on the front end and to candidly tell you whether we think we can do that in a particular case.  Our team is compassionate when it comes to making our clients feel comfortable and happy. You can rest assured that your case, as well as your client, are in good hands at White Davis & White. Whether it be our local clients or referred, we always give it our all!

Contact us at White Davis & White to Discuss Client Referrals

Our firm is located in Anderson, South Carolina at 209 E Calhoun St. You can contact us at 864.231.8090. We are more than happy to serve attorneys and clients throughout the state of South Carolina!