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Alleged Amber Teething Necklace Safety Issues?

Is your infant teething? 

You may be experimenting with remedies for your child’s pain and teething habits, but it’s important to remember to use products and methods that are proven safe and effective.

In the past few years, amber teething necklaces have risen in popularity for their natural pain remedies and promoters of this product claim that when warmed by the child’s body temperature during teething the amber releases succinic acid. However, succinic acid is allegedly not a medically proven pain reliever when absorbed through the skin, and is only released under temperatures of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, various sources have issued warnings that this product’s claims are false and provide an inverse health risk. Further, sources have warned that the product poses a choking and strangulation risk to children, and has allegedly proven more dangerous than helpful.  In addition, the FDA released an official warning against the amber teething necklaces in 2018 after reports of children choking on broken beads and the death of an infant relating to the teething necklace.

Be sure to always research trending children’s toys, teethers, and pain relieving methods, and ask your child’s health care professional before using certain products.

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